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What is Lecture Capture?

Dan Carchidi, Manager - UNH IT AT Instructional Development Center: "What is Lecture Capture" (recorded using Tegrity in Horton 210)

Lecture Capture Screen

Three Steps to Get Started with Lecture Capture

Prerequisite: A modern laptop or desktop computer with built-in or external microphone and camera.


Log in to Blackboard and Create Your Own Practice Course

Practice courses are a great way to try out Lecture Capture and experiment with other Blackboard features without affecting your regular courses. Create your own Practice Course as follows (click the first thumbnail below):

The Courses tab within blackboard Enter the Practice Course Managment module Click Create to create your practice course
Note: Creating a Practice Course and enrolling you as the instructor takes approximately 30 to 40 seconds.


Enter your Practice Course and Click "Tegrity Classes"

Access Tegrity by entering your Practice Course and clicking "Tegrity Classes" in the lower left course menu:

Enter your Practice Course to access Tegrity Click Tegrity Classes to open your Tegrity Classes window You may need to manually open your Tegrity sessions list by clicking this link


Use the Tegrity Recorder to Create and Upload a Recording

To create and upload a recording, click Record a Class to launch the Tegrity Recorder:

In the My Tegrity window, click Record a Class to Launch Tegrity Recorder Choose your Practice Course as the destination for the recording Click Stop and then Save and Upload

In a few moments, depending on how long your recording is, it will appear in your Practice Course's list of Tegrity classes for you to view.

Please remember that recordings created in a Practice Course will be periodically deleted; do not record anything of importance in this area.

Video Release and Terms of Use

Lecture capture users should familiarize themselves with the Terms of Use. Instructors and students who will create content using lecture capture are required to submit the release form prior to posting media content for course or other educational use.

Please print and sign the appropriate form and return to your respective Dean's office
Email a copy of the form to your Dean's office with all required information and the statement, "I agree to the terms of this release," within the body of the email.

Lecture Capture Training Resources from Academic Technology

Note: Academic Technology will be making more on-demand training resources for lecture capture available on this website within the next few weeks:

Faculty and other Lecture Capture Users

Part 1: Personal Lecture Capture (for faculty)

Video Tutorial: This tutorial demonstrates how to record a class in Tegrity using a Windows PC.

video platform video management video solutions video player

Part 2: Traditional Classroom and Walk-in Studio (for faculty)

Part 3: "Train the Trainer" (for TAs and students helping faculty)

Part 4: Service Desk (for IT Service Desk)

On-Demand Training Resources

Help and Tutorials for Faculty

Help and Tutorials for Students

Lecture capture enhances and extends existing instructional activities, whether in face-to-face, fully online, or blended learning environments. It works especially well in subject areas where students benefit from repeated viewing of content, as when complex information is discussed or formulas are written on a board. The video-on-demand portion of lecture capture allows students to closely examine the steps of a demonstrated procedure or stop and focus on important actions in a science experiment. Lecture capture may enable freer thinking—students who find themselves struck by a particular comment or point can pursue that line of thought, confident that the lecture itself can be reviewed later.

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