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Dialing Tips

Dialing Tips at UNH

Using the "#" sign

Dialing the pound sign (#) after the off-campus number you are calling will sometimes help speed connect times by 8 seconds and in many instances will reduce the wait for the authorization code prompt by 8 to 12 seconds. This is true for local as well as toll calls.

FAX and modem users placing a call requiring an authorization code should always enter the pound sign (#) after the called number, followed by "pauses" equaling 3 to 6 seconds, followed by the authorization code.

Using Long Distance Authorization Codes

An authorization code is usually required in order to place toll calls from University telephones. Faculty and staff may obtain a code by submitting a request in writing to their Telecom Account Manager.

IMPORTANT: Individuals are responsible for all calls made on their code unless fraud can be shown. Treat your auth code as a credit card number!! If the security of a code is suspect, notify Telecommunications immediately and a new code will be issued.

Phone Features

Speed Dialing

UNH telephones can be programmed to associate 10 of your most frequently dialed numbers with a single number on your phone.

Personal List

Group List

System List

Call Hold

Single-line telephones:

  1. Depress switch hook for one second. You will hear a three-burst confirmation tone.
  2. To return to a held call, depress the switch hook again for one second.
  3. If your telephone is equipped with a FLASH, RECALL or R button, you may depress that instead of the switch hook to place the call on hold and to return to the held call.

Series 64XXD+ multi-button digital telephones:

  1. Press the HOLD button to place the call on hold.
  2. Press the flashing call appearance button to return to the held call.

Transferring a Call

Single-line telephones:

  1. Place the call on hold by depressing switch hook for one second.
  2. After hearing the confirmation tone, dial the five-digit extension number.
  3. To complete the transfer either hang up or announce the call then hang up.

Series T64multi-button digital telephones:

  1. Press the TRANSFER button then dial the five-digit extension number.
  2. To complete the transfer either announce the call then press the TRANSFER button, or just press the TRANSFER button.

Conference Calls

Please see our conference calls page.

Call Forwarding

From any type telephone, forward all calls to any extension or local off-campus number by dialing *2 + the five-digit extension number to which you are forwarding your calls or *2+9+ the off-campus number. You will hear the three-burst confirmation tone. Calls to your extension give an abbreviated ring to remind you that call forwarding is active. Dial #2 to cancel call forwarding.

Automatic Callback

This feature has limited usefulness due to the large number of telephones with voice mail service. However if you encounter a busy signal when dialing an on-campus telephone, you can activate automatic callback, which will monitor the line and ring back when the line is free.

To use:

  1. Get dial tone
  2. Dial *5, then listen for dial tone again
  3. Dial the five-digit campus number. You will hear the three-burst confirmation tone. Hang up within six seconds.
  4. When your extension and the extension called are free, your phone will ring a three-burst ringing tone.
  5. When you pick up the handset, the other party's phone will begin to ring.

If you hear the warbling intercept tone, automatic callback cannot be used against that particular extension number for technical reasons.

Automatic callback will expire after twenty minutes or you may dial #5 to cancel before then.

Redial Last Number

Single-line telephones:

Dial *4 to redial the last number you called. Authorization codes must be entered each time if the call is long distance.

Series T64XXD+ multi-button digital telephones:

Press the button labeled REDIAL or LAST NUMBER DIALED if programmed on your telephone, otherwise, dial *4.