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Blackboard Frequently Asked Questions

 Browser Settings (opens new page)

I M P O R T A N T:
To avoid the danger of security vulnerabilities, we strongly advise that you use only supported browsers, and always close your browser window after your session.

Login/Password/Account Info

Course / Organization Administration


     Instructors / Leaders

Documentation & Training


     Instructors / Leaders / Staff


For more Blackboard information, see the Blackboard Help and Documentation .

If you cannot find a solution to your Blackboard problem or question,  please submit a Blackboard Support Request.

How do I login to Blackboard?

  1. Make sure you have a compatible browser with "Cookies" and "Java" enabled. Click here for more information. 
  2. Point your browser to 
  3. Click the Login button.
  4. Type your Blackboard username in the Username (ITID) box, and press the Tab key. 
  5. Type your Blackboard password in the Password box. NOTE: Passwords are case-sensitive. 
  6. Click the Login button. 

If you receive an error message "Authentication has failed," follow the instructions under the error message.

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What is my Blackboard username and password?

NOTE: UNH students, faculty, and staff will have a Blackboard account created automatically as they enter the UNH system. The account remains active while you are at UNH.

Your Blackboard username is the same as your UNH USERNAME (IT ID), also known as your UNH E-mail username. To determine your username:

  1. Point your browser to Blackboard at
  2. Click the Login Help tab toward the top of the Blackboard screen
  3. If you have never entered Blackboard, click on New to UNH? and follow the instructions to retrieve your username and create a password
  4. If you have used Blackboard but forgot your username or password, click on Need Help Logging in? and follow the instructions

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How do I change my password (I know my username and password)?

  1. Point your browser to Blackboard at
  2. Click the Login Help tab toward the top of the Blackboard screen
  3. Click Want to change your password? and follow the onscreen prompts

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I can't remember my password. How do I reset it?

  1. Point your browser to Blackboard at
  2. Click the Login Help tab toward the top of the Blackboard screen
  3. Click Need help logging in? and follow the onscreen prompts

If you need additional assistance:

  • Durham undergraduate/graduate students: Bring your UNH photo ID to the Dimond Academic Commons Information Technology Support Center (DAC ITSC) in Dimond Library, 3rd floor, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Faculty, staff, instructors, and remote learners (including after-hours MBA, etc.): Contact the IT Service Desk at 862-4242, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
  • UNH Manchester users: Bring a photo ID to Karla Vogel or Justin Moore at the UNHM Central Administration Building, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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I try to login and get an error message. What's wrong?

  • Message: "Authentication has failed" 
    • Probable cause: You entered an incorrect username or password
    • What to do: Try to login again. If that fails, click the Login Help tab toward the top of the Blackboard screen, then click Need help logging in? and follow the onscreen prompts
  • Message: "Page cannot be found" 
    • Probable cause: This is likely related to your browser "favorites" or "bookmarks" pointing to the wrong page
    • What to do: Edit the URL in your "favorites" or "bookmark" to say ONLY " "
      (In Internet Explorer, click Favorites, then right-click your Blackboard favorite, click Properties, edit the URL, click OK).
      Another workaround is to type the URL directly in the browser address bar.
  • Message: "Action canceled" when you click on the Login button
    • Probable cause: There may be an error in the authentication system
    • What to do: Contact the IT Help Desk at 603-862-4242
  • Message: "The user has committed too many login failures"
    • Probable cause: You have attempted too many unsuccessful logins
    • What to do: Contact the IT Help Desk at 603-862-4242
  • Message: "Although you have been authenticated, you have to submit your credentials again (most likely timeout has occurred)."
    • Probable cause: This is related to the SSL environment. There may be an issue with the user's computer clock.
    • What to do: Check the user's computer clock to make sure the data, time, and time zone display correctly. See the Browsers page for more information and instructions.

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How do I change my default email address used by Blackboard? 

  1. Login to Blackboard.
  2. On the MyUNH tab, click on Personal Information in the left menu.
  3. Click on Edit Personal Information.
  4. Update your email address in the Email textbox.
  5. Click the Submit button.

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Why are courses I'm taking not listed under My Blackboard Courses(Students)

Possible reasons:

  • Course enrollments have not yet been loaded into Blackboard sites (initial enrollments are normally loaded into Blackboard the weekend prior to semester start)
  • Your instructor is not using Blackboard in this course
  • Your instructor is using Blackboard in this course, but has not yet made the course "Available" to students
  • If you added the course late, it may take a few days to be added to the Blackboard roster
  • If your registration has a financial hold, you will not have been added to the Blackboard roster automatically
  • You are not officially enrolled in this course

What to do:

  • Please check with your instructors to see if they are using Blackboard. If they are, and you need immediate access, your instructors may be able to add you to their Blackboard roster manually.
  • NOTE: BANNER is the system of record for course enrollments. Students should check WebCat to insure they are officially enrolled in the course.

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Why are courses I've dropped or courses from previous semesters still listed under My Blackboard Courses(Students)

Dropped courses:

  • Probable cause: Your "drop" may not yet be officially updated in the Banner Student System
  • What to do: Make sure you have submitted your "drop" form. Meanwhile, you can clean up your course list, or ask your instructor to remove you from the class roster on Blackboard.

Courses from a previous semester:

  • Probable cause: Prior semester courses typically remain "active" for about 4 weeks after the semester ends. Then they are automatically "deactivated." Your instructor may choose to reactivate a course at any time.
  • What to do: Nothing needs to be done. But you can choose not to display these courses if you wish by cleaning up your course list.

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How can I clean up my My Blackboard Courses list? It's very long, or it lists old courses.

Option 1: Edit your My Blackboard Courses list
  1. Login to Blackboard.
  2. On your MyUNH tab, click the pencil icon at the top right of My Blackboard Courses.
  3. Next to courses you don't want listed, uncheck all the Display boxes ("Display Course ID," "Display Course Name," "Display Instructor," "Display Announcements," etc.). Optionally, make other display choices on this page. 
  4. Click the Submit button.
    NOTE: If you have more than one page of courses, clicking the Submit button will only process changes made on the current page.  If you make changes on one page and then click the Next button before clicking Submit, the changes on the previous page will be lost.
  5. Click the OK button.

Option 1b: If you use the Courses tab, the Course List there has its own separate pencil icon. Follow the same procedure as above.

Option 2 (Instructors Only): Delete courses permanently
IMPORTANT:  ONLY delete courses in which you are the official instructor of record!

  1. Login to Blackboard.
  2. Under My Blackboard Courses, click on the course you would like to delete.
  3. Click on the Control Panel button located below the course menu.
  4. Click on Delete Courses (found under Course Tools).
  5. You will receive instructions from there.

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Why are courses I'm teaching not listed under My Blackboard Courses(Instructors)

NOTE: Blackboard is updated nightly with courses and instructor assignments according to data in the Banner Student System. The initial load for an upcoming semester is normally run about 8 weeks prior to semester start.

Possible reasons for missing courses:

  • The Banner Student System does not list you as the instructor. It may list "STAFF" or someone else.
    • What to do: Contact the Registrar's Scheduling Office to update Banner instructor information. Once Banner is updated it takes about 1 business day for Blackboard to be updated as well. 
  • The course has not been created in Blackboard.
    • What to do: Please wait for the initial load of the semester (about 8-10 weeks before the term starts), or, if you need your course set up early, please submit a Blackboard Support Request.
  • Blackboard courses were combined into a new course site, but you were not added as co-instructor.
    • What to do: Have the primary instructor add you to the course as instructor via the Control Panel.
  • You may have chosen not to display your course in My Blackboard Courses or on the Courses tab.
    • What to do: Click the pencil icon at the top right of My Blackboard Courses (or Course List on the Courses tab). If you see your course listed here, make sure the checkbox next to "Display Course Name" is checked. Then Click Submit, and click OK. NOTE: If you have more than one page of courses, you may need to go to another page to find your course. Be careful - when you click Submit, it will only process changes made on the current page.

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How do I make my course available so students can access it?
Why can't my students see or access my Blackboard course?

When courses are created, they are "unavailable," which means they are visible to instructors but not to students. This allows you to keep the course hidden to students while you build the content. When you are ready for your students to access your course, you need to make the course "available":

  1. Login to Blackboard
  2. Under My Blackboard Courses, click on the course you would like to make available
  3. In the Control Panel area below the course menu, choose Customization
  4. Choose Properties
  5. Under Set availability, check the Yes button next to "Make Course Available"
  6. Click the Submit button

HINT: If the course is available but your students still cannot access it, check to see if you entered a start or end date, with today being outside that range. 

For further instructions consult the Blackboard Semester Start-up Guide

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How can I add additional users to my course (students, teaching assistants, co-instructors, etc.)? (Instructors)

NOTE: Students are automatically loaded into all Blackboard course sites about 4 days prior to semester start, with late "adds" loaded daily thereafter. If a student's enrollment is delayed, or he needs immediate access to the course, instructors may add him to the course manually. Instructors will also need to add any additional course staff in the same manner.

Instructors can add most users via the course Control Panel. See the User Management section in the Blackboard Semester Startup Guide

HINT: Users who are already in your Blackboard course will not appear in the list when you choose Enroll User.

If a user needs access to your course Control Panel (Teaching Assistant, Grader, Course Builder, Co-Instructor), you will need to change his course "role" after adding him to the course:

If you need to add a user who does not have a Blackboard account, please contact the IT Accounts Staff at 603-862-4242 to inquire about a Sponsored account.

If you cannot determine the correct user account to add, please contact the IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242.

For further instructions consult the User Management section in the  Blackboard Semester Startup Guide

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I am incorrectly listed as the instructor for a course. How can I fix that? (Instructors)

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Another person is incorrectly listed as the instructor for a course I am teaching. How can I fix that? (Instructors)

  • This is likely a holdover from an earlier listing in Banner. Once we load instructors into courses in Blackboard, we do not remove them after an instructor change. However, you can remove the incorrect instructor from your Bb course. In order to do so, you will first need to change his/her course role to "student." For further instructions consult the User Management section in the Blackboard Semester Startup Guide

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How can I have multiple sections or cross-listed courses share the same course site (aka combine courses)? (Instructors)

  1. Go to the Control Panel of any course in which you are an instructor
  2. Under Course Tools, click Combine Courses to read how the tool works and follow the instructions
  3. A new, empty "combined" course will be set up for you, generally by the next business day
  4. You can then copy content from previous courses into the new combined course as needed
  5. Enrollments from the individual sections will be loaded into the new combined course

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How can I copy material from one course to another? (Instructors)

  • USE ONLY the Export/Archive Course tool under Packages and Utilities in the Control Panel to save content you want to copy from your course, and then use Import Package / View Logs to bring that content into your destination course.  Please see detailed step-by-step instructions on how to Export/Import course content and settings from course-to-course.  See the Export/Import course document.


  • DO NOT use the Course Copy utility to move content from course-to-course with the exception of: The course copy utility in Blackboard works only when moving content within the same term, which will copy all dates from the original course.  Please DO NOT use course copy if you are moving content from a prior term to the current term. You must use the Export and Import tools located at COURSE MANAGEMENT > Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Export/Archive Course to transfer content into your course.  See: Export/Import not Course Copy for complete information on using Export/Import. 


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How can I change the name of my course? (Instructors)

  • In your Blackboard course go to Properties under Customization in the Control Panel. In the Properties window, enter the desired course name in the Course Name field. Submit the changes. Refresh your browser for the change to appear in the course.

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Where can I find additional Blackboard documentation for students? (Students)

  • To access the online Student Manual from inside any course, click the Tools menu button, then click on User Manual. If you do not see a Tools menu button, contact your instructor as it may have been disabled.
  • Directly access the Student Manual.

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Is Blackboard training available? (Instructors)

  • We offer several options for instructors new to Blackboard as well as for those ready to learn more advanced features. For training information, please visit our training page.

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Where can I find additional Blackboard documentation for instructors and other course staff? (Instructors)

  • To access the online Instructor Manual from inside any course, go to the Control Panel, click on Help, then click on Manual.
  • Directly access the Instructor Manual.

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If you cannot find a solution to your Blackboard problem or question,
please submit a Blackboard Support Request.

Questions & comments to BB Support
Last updated 11/24/2014